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2012 Photo Gallery


Awards Night Dessert Bridge Mens Club Trophy Singles St Patricks Day
Blind Bowling Championships Fun Day Mixed Triples Townsend Clarke Triples
Canada Day Ladies Opening Lunch Provincial Novice Fours Tommy Oakes Day
Canadian Nationals Margeret Ross Trophy Pub Night Tuesday Morning Ladies Play
Club Anniversary Mens Club Trophy Triples St Jean Baptiste Day Victoria Day
Corn Roast Mens Novice Singles    

Awards Night
Women Singles Runner up: Janet Ilansky Women Singles Winner: Marjorie Bastien
Women Novice Singles Runner up: Eliza Cabotaje Women Novice Singles Winner: Marjorie Bastien
Men Novice Singles Winner: Hernando Cabotaje Men Singles Winner: David Garforth
Women Pairs Runners-up: Dalal Carpentier, Marjorie Bastien Women Pairs Winners: Nancy Lord, Julia Coombe
Men Pairs Runners-up: Andrew Scott, Steve Mariano Men Pairs Winners: Andre Seguin, Russ Munroe (absent)
Women Triples Runners-up: Lorraine O'neil, Liz McCraken,
Doreen Carter (absent)
Women Triples Winners: Mila Sachdeva, Julia Coombe,
Janet Radhakrishna
Men Triples Runners-up: Amdrew Scott, Andre Seguin,John Wilson (absent) Men Triples Winners: Hernando Cabotaje, Tony Fox, David Mulholland
Mixed Triples Runners-up: Mike Davy, Julia Coombe, Nasir Asghar Mixed Triples Winners: Singh Sachdeva, Steve Mariano, Marjorie Bastien
Mixed Pairs Runners up: Marjorie Bastien, Russ Munroe (absent) Mixed Pairs Winners: Mila Sachdeva, Minder Ubha (absent)
Tommy Oakes Winners: Mila Sachdeva, Vince Arcobelli, Marjorie Bastien Bill Gray Trophy Winner: Marjorie Bastien
Senators vs Golden Girls: Senators represented by Andre Seguin Announcer: Julia Coombe

Corn Roast

Canadian Nationals at Beaconsfield

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Townsend Clarke Women Triples
Runners up: Lourdes Asghar, Mila Sachdeva, Julia Coombe  

Tuesday Morning Ladies Play
Winner: Nola Lauzon

2012 Club Trophy Men's Singles
Winner: David Garforth     Runner-up: Minder Ubha

Pub Night

Tommy Oaks Day

2012 Mixed Triples
First Place: Singh Sachdeva, Marjorie Bastien,  Stephen Mariano
Second Place: Nasir Asghar, Julia Coombe, Mike Davy

Provincial Novice Fours
Second Place: Marjorie Bastien,  Vira Ubha,
Heather Macintosh, Dalal Carpentier
Second Place: Tony Fox, Minder Ubha,
David Mulholland, Andrew Scott

Margeret Ross Trophy at Westmount
Winners: Lourdes Asghar, Julia Coombe

2012 Blind Bowling Championships
Richard Lee of the Beaconsfield Lawn Bowling Club delivers the ball against Randy Fred of British Columbia to finish up Monday's games at the Canadian Blind Lawn Bowling Championships

2012 Club Anniversary

2012 Canada Day

2012 Men's Novice Singles
Winner: H Cabotaje   Second Place: W. Chen

St. Jean Baptiste 2012


Men's Club Trophy Triples
Winners: T. Fox, H Cabotaje, D Mulholland
Second Place: J. Wilson, A. Scott, A S├ęguin

Fun Day Bowling & BBQ

Victoria Day

Ladies Opening Lunch

2012 Dessert Bridge

2012 St Patrick's Day Party

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