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Player Responsibilities
The skip has sole charge of the team and all players on the team should follow his/her instructions. The skip will decide all disputed points with the opposing skip within the Laws of the Sport of Bowls. The skip is responsible for the score card and to enter the names of all players on the card.

When playing fours, the third will measure any disputed shots and tell the skip the number of shots scored for and against their team as each end is completed. When playing triples, the second will measure.

The lead of the team to play first in an end should deliver the jack and make sure it is centered before delivering the first bowl of the end.
In conjunction with the opposing lead, arrange to clear the head by raking bowls at the end of each end.

In addition to the above, players can carry out any other duties assigned to them by their skip. (Except completing the scorecard).
Player Etiquette
  Lawn bowling should be played in a spirit of good sportsmanship with common courtesy. Teams begin and end each game with a friendly handshake to all members of both teams.

As soon as each bowl comes to rest, possession of the rink is transferred to the other team. By the time a player's bowl comes to rest, he/she should be behind the mat or behind the head. Players of each team not in the act of playing or controlling play should stand well behind the head or mat.

A player on the mat should not be interfered with, or have his/her attention distracted in any way by an opponent. Players behind the mat should not talk while a player is on the mat.

If you are counting, your opponent will do the measuring and both must agree on the outcome. No bowls should be disturbed or kicked away without the agreement from both sides. Do not dwell too long on the mat or in protracted conferences.

All players must ensure that the greens are not damaged. Make use of screens, if necessary, to protect the playing surface

  Mat Placement
The mat must be placed at least 2 meters from the back ditch, and at least 23 meters to the front ditch

Jack Initial Placement
The jack must be at least 2 meters from the front ditch and must be past the hog line
If a jack ends up in between 2 meters from the front ditch, it is placed 2 meters from the front ditch
The jack must be at least 21 meters from the mat

Bowl and Jack Delivery
One foot must be entirely on the mat during delivery
If the first lead throws the jack out of bounds, then the opposing team lead throws the jack
If both leads throw the jack out of bounds, the jack is placed 2 meters from front ditch

Bowl in Play
The bowl must be within the rink boundary and not in the front ditch unless it has been touched by the jack
If a bowl ends up out of bounds, it is removed from play
Any bowl that goes into the front ditch that has been touched by the jack remains in play

If two counting bowls from opposing teams are equal distance from the jack, then the end is blanked
The end is replayed if a bowl hits the jack out of the lane (burnt end)


Dress Code
Men - slacks or walking shorts (shorts not more than three inches above the knee).
Women - dresses, skirts, slacks, culottes, Capri pants or walking shorts provided the apparel is not more than three inches above
the knee. A team may wear any combination of the apparel mentioned.
For club competitions, wear white tops and bottoms or club colours except for St. Jean Baptiste, when you may wear blue tops, and Canada Day, when you may wear red tops.
For invitationals, teams may wear their club colours so long as all members of a team are wearing the same colours. Club crests are permitted. Subtle crests of a sponsor are permitted subject to prior approval of the Federation.

Team members should wear regulation footwear according to WBB regulations. Soles should be flat. Sandals can be used but must have a strap around the heel. Open toed or heeled shoes should not be worn

Hats and Visors
Hats and visors may be any colour and need not be uniform for all members of a team.

There are no restrictions with respect to colour and type of additional clothing that a player may choose to wear during inclement weather.

Umpires wear red shirts, there is no code requirement for outerwear

Warm-up Exercises
  • Push back on forehead with hands to exercise the neck muscles
  • Elbow stretch behind the head
  • Push hands together under chin (in prayer mode)
  • Lean body forward (in touch-your-toes mode) then slowly stand upright again
  • While standing, bend leg at the knee and hold foot up behind with your hand. Pull up to stretch the hamstring
  • Lunge forward in a bowling stance to stretch the muscles used in bowling

Screen Policy


This will confirm the club's policy on the use of SCREENS (GROUNDSHEETS)

1. The use of screens shall be at the discretion of the skips, except whenever the convener announces that screens must be used. The use of screens is recommended whenever it appears appropriate, i.e. whenever the greens are soft after a recent rain, most mornings, because of heavy dew, or when divots and/or chipping is occurring.

2. Law 19.1.5 of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls states that the controlling body may decide on the use of groundsheets before the start or at any time during play. Groundsheets should be securely fastened to the surface of the green using flat headed pins that do not stick up from the surface, and sheets should stay in the same position until the end of the game.

3. The policy of BLBC is that screens will not be fastened to the green. In addition, with the consent of both skips, the screens may be removed after the completion of each end. It is recommended that the screens be placed at random lengths in order to spread the wear and tear on the playing surface. The exception to this policy will be for Federation events if the Federation requires adherence to the law of the game.



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