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Training Program Schedule & Content

2019 Training Schedule

Training sessions will be held for all members during the second half of May during each tags down session

Training will also be provided to each new member, schedule to be arranged
Basic Training Courses
No. Subject Description Handbook page #
B1 Basics Part 1 Equipment 5 to 12
    Shoes, clothing  
    Bowls, jack  
    Delivery 21 to 31
    Grip for bowl  
    Grip for jack  
    Mat stance  
    Delivery Practice Drills  
    Jack delivery  
    Bowl delivery  
B2  Basics Part 2 Warm-up exercises 43 to 45
    Alignment 24 to 25
    Delivery action sequence 30 to 31
    Delivery Practice Drills  
B3 Basics Part 3 Basic signals 40 to 43
    Player Responsibilities see year book
    Green protection  
    Use of screens  
    Lead roles  
    Second roles  
    Skip roles  
    Practice game  
B4 Basics Part 4 Rules of the game 17 to 21
    Starting the game  
    Counting Points  
    Rink boundaries  
    Jack in ditch  
    Mat placement  
    Etiquette 38 to 39 
    Practice game   
B5 Basics Part 5 Control of delivery speed 27 to 29
    Bowling shots 32 to 33
    Review delivery sequence 30 to 31
    Practice delivery drills  
    Medium distance  
    Long distance  
    Short distance  


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