Experience the excitement of Singles Matchplay Competition

Starting now you can enrol in our NEW ladder competition

Meet players (from other clubs) and compete to play better

Improve your game by watching your opponent

Why Singles?

Singles matches provide an opportunity for players to

  • experience every role from lead to skip
  • is a faster game with more bowling and less waiting during ends
  • concentrate on your game
  • see a clear results and build confidence

Singles matches are rarely played during "tags down" because of

  • the need to have markers
  • the need to accommodate many players on the available rinks

What is a ladder competition?

  • competition proceeds by a series of challenges
  • any player can challenge a player on the ladder
  • if the lower-placed player wins the match, then the two players swap places on the ladder
  • if the lower-placed player loses, then they may not challenge the same person again without challenging someone else first