2019 Match Results

Women Club Trophy

First Year Bowler

Winner: Mary Roy

Novice Singles

Winner: Pat Christiano

Runner-up: Janice Peterson


Winner: Nancy Lord

Runner-up: Lourdes Asghar


Winners: Nancy Lord and Gail Routley

Runners-up: Lourdes Asghar and Lydia Alejandrino


Winners: Lourdes Asghar, Lydia Alejandrino, Norma Canning

Runners-up: Nancy Lord, Michelle Ladouceur, Gail Routley

Mixed Club Trophy


Winners: Minder Ubha and Lydia Alejandrino

Runners-up: Nasir Asghar and Vira Ubha


Winners: Minder Ubha, Tony Kingsley, Lydia Alejandrino

Runners-up: Andrew Scott, Vira Ubha, Jun Alejandrino

Men Club Trophy

Novice Singles

Winner: Paul Corona

Runner-up: Dwight Huber


Winner: Nasir Asghar

Runner-up: Tony Kingsley


Winners: Hernando Cabotaje and Ralph Williams

Runners-up: Minder Ubha and Michel Gervais


Winners: Nasir Asghar, George Gould, Jun Alejandrino

Runners-up: Andrew Scott, Hernando Cabotaje, Dwight Huber

Club Trophies

Tommy Oakes Trophy

Winners: Nancy Lord, Eliza Cabotaje, Diana Brett

Bill Gray Trophy

Winner: Heather MacIntosh

Golden Girls

Winner: Beaconsfield

Senators vs Golden Girls

Winners: Senators

Open Competition Results

Provincial Women Pairs

First Place: Voula Vassilounis and Gail Routley

Beaconsfield Open Mixed Pairs

Second Place: Voula Vassilounis and Wayne Chen

Open Mixed Pair Invitational Tournament in St.Lambert

Third Place: Minder and Vira Ubha

2019 Atlantic Bowls

Ladies' Triples Silver Medal Winners: Voula Vassilounis, Muffin Hoodspith and Gail Routley

Men Triples Bronze Medal Winners: Chris Hoodspith, John Devlin and Mike Doskas

Herb Linder Trophy

Winners: Lourdes Asghar, Nasir Asghar, Muffin Hoodspith, Paul Corona

Third Game High: Minder Ubha, Eliza Cabotaje, Hernando Cabotaje and Vira Ubha