2013 Match Results

Women Club Trophy

Novice Singles

Winner: Nancy Lord

Runner-up:Liz McCracken


Winner: Nancy Lord

Runner-up: Marjorie Bastien


Winners: Julia Coombe, Nancy Lord

Runners-up: Marjorie Bastien, Mila Sachdeva


Winners: Julia Coombe, Hilary Hill, Liz McCracken

Runners-up: Doreen Carter, Vira Ubha, Dalal Carpentier

Mixed Club Trophy


Winners: David Mulholland, Heather Macintosh

Runners-up: Mike Davy, Eliza Cabotaje


Winners: Tony Fox, Marjorie Bastien, Hernando Cabotaje

Runners-up: Minder Ubha, Doreen Carter, Eliza Cabotaje

Men Club Trophy

Novice Singles

Winner: Loyd Hughes

Runner-up: Hernando Cabotaje


Winner: Steve Mariano

Runner-up: Andre Séguin


Winners: Mike Davy, Minder Ubha

Runners-up: David Garforth, Singh Sachdeva


Winners: David Garforth, Jean Wilson, Liz Mc Cracken

Runners-up: Andre Séguin, David Mulholland, Charlie Albright

Club Trophies

Tommy Oakes Trophy

Winners: David Garforth, Jean Wilson, Liz Mc Cracken

Runners-up: Nasir Asghar, Nancy Lord, Hernando Cabotaje

Bill Gray Trophy

Winner: Andre Seguin

Open Competition Results

Atlantic Bowl

Silver in Ladies Pairs: Maureen O'Brien & Yvette Chisholm

Canadian Blind Bowling Championships

Women Silver Medal: Heather Green

Men Silver Medal: Richard Lee

Herb Linder Trophy

Winners: Lourdes and Nasir Asghar, Hernando and Eliza Cabotaje

St. Lambert Mixed Triples Invitational

Third place: Marjorie Bastien, Vira Ubha, Dalal Carpentier