Hand Evaluation

By now, everyone should be aware of the basics of evaluating their hand when their cards are first dealt to them. We will review some of these basics before moving on to the more advance techniques used in evaluating the hand.

Interpreting the face cards to High Card Points (HCP).
  • The Ace is worth 4 High Card Points.
  • The King is worth 3 High Card Points.
  • The Queen is worth 2 High Card Points.
  • The Jack is worth 1 High Card Point.
Adding "Distribution" points to your total High Card Points (HCP).
  • For a Void you may add 3 points.
  • For a Singleton you may add 2 points.
  • For a Doubleton you may add 1 point.

There are certain exceptions to the above rule. For example, a singleton Ace, it is okay to add 2 pts. but with a singleton or doubleton King, Queen or Jack, no additional points should be added.

More to follow in the coming weeks.