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Ladder League

Steve Mariano
2017 Ladder Teams
A   Team Skip Second Lead
1 Williams Ralph Williams Sally Hughes Jun Alejandrino
2 Lord Nancy Lord Gloria Gauthier Isabel Szabo
3 Mariano Steve Mariano Andrew Scott Cathy Brunet
4 Fox Tony Fox Hernando Cabotaje Michel Gervais

B   Team Skip Second Lead
1 N Asghar Nasir Asghar Lydia Alejandrino Gael Montpetit
2 L Asghar Lourdes Asghar Barbara Armbruster George Gould
3 E Cabotaje Eliza Cabotaje Liz McCracken Vince Arcobelli
4 Ubha Minder Ubha Tony Kingsley Pierre Lesage

Val Barkwith
John Barkwith
Irene Chan
Wayne Chen
Yvette Chisholm
Henry Fung
Hilary Hill
Heather Macintosh
Margaret Joseph
Michelle Ladouceur
Nola Lauzon
Cindy Mariano
Carol Mitchell
David Mulholland
Jackie Nieberg
Evelyn Stafford
Vira Ubha
Division A Ladder Schedule Round 1 Williams Lord Mariano Fox
  South 2
South 4
Points Points Points Points
09-Jun Lord W L Williams Mariano L W Fox 1 3 1 3
16-Jun Mariano     Williams Lord     Fox        
23-Jun Williams     Fox Lord     Mariano        
Total 1 3 1 3

Division B Ladder Schedule Round 1 N Asghar L Asghar Cabotaje Ubha
  South 5
South 6
Points Points Points Points
09-Jun N Asghar W L Ubha LAsghar L W E Cabotaje 3 1 3 1
16-Jun LAsghar     N Asghar E Cabotaje     Ubha        
23-Jun Ubha     LAsghar E Cabotaje     N Asghar        
Total 3 1 3 1

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Ladder organization: There are 8 teams organized in 2 divisions, A and B, with 4 teams in each division. Each ladder round will last 3 weeks

At the end of each ladder round, all teams will be arranged in numerical order according to the accumulated points in that round and previous rounds. Points per match: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss. The 6 teams with the highest number of points will be placed in Division A and the rest in Division B. In case there is a tie, the winner of the game between the two teams shall advance.

At the end of the season, there will be a playoff in each division between the top 2 teams in each division.

Skip's responsibility:
- Skips are responsible to notify their team of the dates and times of games
- The skip is responsible for finding a substitute when required.
- Each skip will record their game results and points on the score sheet posted in the annex after each game.

- In so far as possible, replacements should have the same rating.
- The substitute will play any position below that of the absent player. In cases where both the skip and second are absent and 2 substitutes are present, a substitute can play the skip position in which case the lead will play the second position.
- In a case where one team member is missing and a substitute cannot be found, the team can field 2 players. The first player will throw the first 4 bowls and the second player will throw the next 4 bowls. Should the opposing team have 3 players, they will throw 3 bowls per player
- If a side cannot field at least 2 players, the match is automatically defaulted. In all cases, at least one member of the team must be present, otherwise the game is forfeit.

Player positions: The Skip can rearrange the order of play for him or herself and all other members of their rink BEFORE ANY GAME

Re-scheduling: There will be no re-scheduling unless determined by the league convenor.

Ends per game: 12 ends per game. In case of a tie after 12 ends, an additional end will be played to break the tie.

Completion of an end: An end will be completed after the last bowl has been thrown. The jack cannot be picked up before both seconds agree on the score for that end.

Trial ends: There will be no trial ends

Dress code: Dress code is informal. Teams may elect to wear the same team color

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  2016 Ladder Final Ranking  
A Rank Team Skip Second Lead
1 Williams Ralph Williams Sally Hughes Jun Alejandrino
2 Lord Nancy Lord Vira Ubha Gael Montpetit
3 Mariano Steve Mariano Andrew Scott Pierre Lesage
4 Fox Tony Fox Hernando Cabotaje Michel Gervais
5 N Asghar Nasir Asghar Heather MacIntosh Richard Mckernan
6 L Asghar Lourdes Asghar Hilary Hill George Gould
B Rank Team Skip Second Lead
1 Bastien Marjorie Bastien Barbara Armbruster Cathy Brunet
2 Nieberg Jackie Nieberg Liz McCracken Lydia Alejandrino
3 E Cabotaje Eliza Cabotaje Evelyn Stafford Michelle  Ladouceur
4 M Ubha Minder Ubha Wayne Chen Carol Mitchel
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